No More Resolutions


We are approaching a new year and what does that mean? We will start to hear the New Year …New You and we will hear countless resolutions.  I have learned this year that I am not good at 21 day challenges, 30 day challenges, lets be honest I can barely do a 7 day challenge.  But I have found that I did build a habit around something, and my secret, JUST DO IT!  Recently, I have been replacing one meal with a fruit and spinach smoothie everyday.  Was it a challenge?  Yes and No, it was merely a suggestion from my husband and we started doing what was necessary to make a smoothie every morning for breakfast.   This only required three things, first, you must have the tools and resources available to make the smoothie...

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Quote of the Day

Attract what you expect, Reflect what you desire, Become what you respect, Mirror what you admire.

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