3 Great Ways to use Video + Instagram

3 Great Ways to use Video + Instagram

If you have not heard, I am a social media geek and I love to  experiment with new apps. Instagram has finally released the video option for their app.  Immediately, I started think of all the tomfoolery and shenanigans that we will begin to see added to this world.  Then my mind shifted into business mode and I came of up with three great ways to use it.

1.  Realtors- Yes, as licensed real estate broker, this was my first stop.  Realtors, you have the ink on that new listing agreement and you are ready to head to the office to enter into the MLS.  Why not do a quick video of the the best room in the house? Stop outside and shoot a curb photo of your new listing and give people a heads up on the new listing about to hit the market.  Another great use is to do a quick video of your client at closing signing or getting the keys to their new home.

2. Fitness Instructors- The fitness bug is going around, do you have it yet?  I have seen several people post great pics of a exercises for the day.  Now with video you can show us how to do it in the proper way.  Also, please beware not everyone is licensed and certified in this area.

3.  Bloggers/Motivational Speaker/Ministers-  If you want to deliver a quick encouragement or a quick Word from the Lord, this is a great tool to get the word out.   Another opportunity to reach out and touch someone.   Bloggers, this is a great way to introduce your new blog topic or host a giveaway.

The possibilities are endless, but please remember we don’t want to see just your business 24/7 ,  find a good 60/40  or 70/30 mix of business and personal.  Imagine what you can do with a pic, video and  hashtag!!!!!!

Do you have a great use for your business for this new addition? Comment with your Instagram link and let us see it.