While attempting to take this gratitude journey I still find myself complaining.  Then I realized that while I do have some issues, my issues are minor compared to people dealing with terminal illness, hunger, death, or abuse. I am beyond blessed because I am ALIVE. Attitude of Gratitude, complaining and worry does not help my walk in peace or achieve success. I am Alive and I am Well, Thank God!

Please enjoy this short message from a Pastor and Facebook friend.


You’re sad. . . But, you can’t cry.
You’re angry. . . But, you can’t scream.
You’re frustrated. . . But, you can’t find the words.
You’re out of breath. . . But, you can’t slow down.
You’re exhausted. . . But you can’t fall asleep.
You drink. . . But, you can’t stay drunk.
You smoke. . . But, you can’t keep a buzz.
You run. . . But, you can’t get away.
You hide. . . But, you find yourself there.
You quit. . . But, the buzzer won’t sound.
You ask, “Why?” . . . But, you hear no reply.

This just might be you today. And you’re pretty much ready to throw it all away. But, wait a minute . . . All of these things might be bad & make you feel like hell. But, they are tied together by one common good:

In order to be sad . . . you’ve got to be Alive!
In order to be angry . . . you’ve got to be Alive!
In order to be frustrated . . . you’ve got to be Alive!
In order to be out of breath . . . you’ve got to be Alive!
Exhausted, drinking, and smoking . . . Alive! Alive! Alive!
Running, hiding, and quitting . . . Alive! Alive! Alive!

You are STILL Alive! Got questions? Ask YOUR Daddy! It’s okay. He’s a Big God, with thick skin. He can take it. Trust me. Some things we’ll know. Other things will always be a mystery. You can’t control that. So, focus on what you CAN control: LIVING! Cast your cares on Him. And Live INTO rest for your mind, body, and spirit!

— Pastor Aamon Miller Swansboro Baptist Church Richmond, VA