No More Resolutions

We are approaching a new year and what does that mean? We will start to hear the New Year …New You and we will hear countless resolutions.  I have learned this year that I am not good at 21 day challenges, 30 day challenges, lets be honest I can barely do a 7 day challenge.  But I have found that I did build a habit around something, and my secret, JUST DO IT!  Recently, I have been replacing one meal with a fruit and spinach smoothie everyday.  Was it a challenge?  Yes and No, it was merely a suggestion from my husband and we started doing what was necessary to make a smoothie every morning for breakfast.   This only required three things, first, you must have the tools and resources available to make the smoothie.  We had to add the necessary items to our grocery list so that there was no excuses in the morning. Second, you must have a purpose or desire for that task.  Our purpose was simply to continue a healthy journey, plain and simple, not to lose weight or cut calories!  Finally, it helps to have support or someone to keep you accountable.  Every morning, I make the smoothie, but I must admit some mornings I did not want a smoothie, but my husband would gently nudge me to get going.

As we approach 2014 and start to think about our goals, lets just keep it simple and smart! Focus on one goal that can impact your life, and do it! It could  impact you spiritually, physically, financially, or it can touch  professional or personal life.  Pick one, focus and make it a habit and JUST DO IT!


Wishing you success for the rest of 2013 and more in 2014 ,


Cyber Love Jones